Welcome to My Sweet Addiction - where it is not only OK to be addicted to desserts but encouraged and celebrated!

My Sweet Addiction Corp. is a small baking business with one baker and countless special taste testers. As you go through the site you will see a variety of tasty treats both traditional and more unique. We’ll make just about anything from custom items to the classic chocolate chip cookie. We love to create unique items that aren’t frequently seen like an Oreo baked into a chocolate chip cookie or brownies made with ground up chocolate mint cookies with a candy cane powder topping. And who can forget about our delectable chocolate Guinness cupcakes with Baileys filling and whiskey frosting?

There is something about dessert that just makes people happy. Have you ever looked at someone when they’ve seen an attractive dessert? Look next time and you’ll notice an actual twinkle in their eyes. That twinkle is why I love to bake. As an amateur baker it brings me joy to see people excited to eat something sweet that I have concocted for them.

Dessert in my addicted opinion has magical powers. Whether it is a classic French pastry, a frosting laden cupcake, a decadent chocolate anything or even a small but mighty cookie dessert puts a smile on people’s faces.

Enjoy your visit around the My Sweet Addiction site – where addiction never tasted so sweet!